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                                     WHAT'S NEW

Sept 2014
Kowalski Forest Products had a major fire at their yard about a month and 1/2 ago. Wiped out all of their machinery but the Kowalski family is determined to get the business going again. Here's a link to their website - if you need cedar products, this is the place to go!

July 2013
Visited Blum's Landing a non-profit resort for post 9/11 vets/military personnel. Take a look at their website and if anyone is looking to get rid of a pontoon  boat - they need one. Their site:

January 2013
Firefighters spent Jan 21st fighting a fire at the old Fisch Brewery on 3rd st. The fire was not declared "out" until the following morning. Here's a link to a 7 & 4 News video:
Rogers City Remembered on facebook has more information on the historic building:

Another Rogers City Remembered page was posted in May 2012 showing the historic old bldg and has comments from visitors remembering their experiences/associations with it:

November 2012
Deer season and the town is empty! Nov 15th is opening day and even the schools are closed for this event.
On the front page - several links we hope get used.

will take you to a video produced by the City of Rogers City to promote our town in hopes of attracting some new residents. I'm close to 1900 views right now (it's on 2 different locations) - THANKS! Keep it going.

Discover Michigan Video
about Calcite and the museum
Destination Michigan video - presentation on the Calcite plant located here in Rogers City.

August 2012

Wow - fantastic festival, beautiful weather to boot. Air shows were well received - especially the evening show on Saturday. Hot air balloons at the lakeside part provided a Disney like atmosphere. Great job everyone!
Club Fall Festival - Sept 22nd at Westminster Park - Click Here

April 2012
Rogers City's Nautical Festival
Celebrates Calcite's 100th anniversary this year.
Visit the website to see a list of activities.

March 2012
Rogers City Remembered
on facebook is extremely popular. Someone suggested this format to Mark Thompson of the Presque Isle County Historical Museum, and I took over the daily activities a few months ago since Mark is busy writing a new book for the "Calcite 100th" festival coming this summer. RC Remembered shares historical pictures of Rogers City and the surrounding communities on a daily basis. If you haven't been there, be sure to do it. Go to fb and in the search box at the top - type in "Rogers City Remembered" and join the hundreds viewing, and making comments on, our history.

Sept 2011

What's new this month is the addition of the menu for the 211 Bar located at the entrance to Black Lake. A family restaurant where everyone knows someone.
Good food & service and a fun atmosphere. Been there quite a few times this summer and haven't been disappointed. Their

Aug 2011
Kortman's Menu in now online as well as their monthly specials which are all available for takeout. They do run out of the popular items (BBQ Ribs) so order early.

GOLF! Most of us wouldn't play the Black Lake UAW course too often but I put up some of their coupons - makes golfing there pretty reasonable. Take a look.

May 2011
As the volunteer webmaster for the Presque Isle County Historical Museum, I was able to digitize all 38 years of the Calcite Screenings - some 4,000 + pages.
Information is avaliable at - buy the CD - it's worth it.






March 2011

Starting to put information up on the Nautical Festival website -
For the 2011 festival. If you're interested in a great place to have an ad for your business, this would be it.

October  15th 2010 

The Presque Isle County Historical Museum was awarded 2 major awards by the Historical Society of Michigan in Frankenmuth.
Board member Robert Meyers presented "The Outstanding Historical Websites Award" to the Museum's volunteer Webmaster Rich Warwick,  while Dave Nadolsky accepted the award for "Outstanding Local Museum" from board member Robert Money.
Read the story on the Presque Isle County Historical Museum website.

The Museum sponsored websites are:

This site is not sponsored by anyone (other than yours truly).
You may also want to visit and
Please pass on these links to those who may be interested!  

August 2010

Nautical Festival 2010 was very successful. Much larger tent this year - that's good.
Now if they could crank the volume down? Chances are - Not going to happen!
Will add event winners and pictures to the Nautical Festival website as they're provided.


June - 2010
The local Ice Cream shops opened fairly early and the Pavilion has new owners. Their Menu is pretty much the same with just a few changes. Pavilion Menu - Greek  American  

Also, Scills Grill opened earlier this year (the old Black Bear).
 Scills Menu - Click Here 

The Nautical Festival site has all the information for the 2010 Festival..
Click Here

February - 2010
While attending a function last year, I heard some comments about a Deli Platter from Toby's and how good it was. I sampled a few items and was impressed with the array of meats, cheeses, and breads.
(They make some of their own breads at the store).
In November while heading to Flint, my wife and I stopped at Toby's and got a Deli Sandwich to go. It was absolutely the best Deli Sandwich I've had in this area. Fresh bread loaded with meat.
I can't give up on a good thing so I took a friend of mine on a lunch tour to Toby's. The picture up at the top should explain the end result of that trip. Corned Beef Reuben on Rye - a ton of meat and good Sauerkraut -Great, Great, Great.
(Their Club sandwich is piled so high with meats - it is a challenge to get the mouth open wide enough to take the 1st bite).
Two can eat quite well off of 1 sandwich and the price - under $5.00!
Take a trip to Hawks It's worth the time and I'll see you there.


September - 2009
The Nautical Festival was unbelievably successful and probably one of the best ever.
The Presque Isle County Museum worked some magic with a Mark Smolinski day,
a Voyageur encampment on the Museum grounds, a Pow Wow at Lakeside Park,
and tours of the tall ship "Welcome" (which was free for kids).
The Festival Committee put together a great agenda with the bull riding almost as popular
as the Bikini contest. The Festival Web site proved to be popular and valuable.
Now that the dust has sorta settled, visit the new Museum online store. It's not entirely
finished but it's working and is becoming one of the more popular online stores in the area.

  GOOD FOOD with a unique business combination.
Rogers City Video & Pizza sits up on US 23 just off of M 68. Excellent Grinder sandwiches!
(I haven't tried their pizza). Rent a Video, get a tan, get a pizza or sandwich, and if
you have a few extra minutes, you can go next door to
Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change
and get that done as well.
CLICK HERE for their menu.


February 8th - 2009
I'm in the process of putting together another website:
Anyone interested in purchasing space for an ad may call the Presque Isle County Historical
Museum at (989) 734-4121.
                                            DONATIONS ARE WELCOME!
The Festival Committee can use all the help it can get. (Buy a personal ad if you like).

The Metz Fire and the Carl D. Bradley 50th anniversary ceremonies were both huge successes.
Several new books were written and published to coincide with each historical milestone.
The Presque Isle County Historical Museum published  "The Metz Fire of 1908 " which
may be purchased at the Museum. The Metz Fire website is:

The museum:

James Hopp authored
"Mayday!  A Tragedy at Sea"

Author Michael Schumacher, published "THE WRECK OF THE CARL D."
Schumacher's book is listed on Michigan's 2009 most notable books and is available
at the Museum.

The Bradley video "November Requiem" should be available in February.
The Carl D. Bradley website:

KARSTEN'S RESTAURANT - One of my favorite lunch spots.
Their MENU is now online. Daily specials are available - just give them a call.

Sept 11th - 2008
Got behind on this site but for good causes (plural). We now have
a web site for the "Bradley house" which is the  Presque Isle County Historical
Museum. Just a TON of information up there - Movies and pictures of
people you know -  ALSO - 100th Anniversary of the
Metz fire - Click on the Picture ABOVE  (for all the new sites)
or go to 
but it is.. will get you the latest information on the
the planned activities..... and now you know why I'm behind!! But it's a
good thing. GO TO and type in "November
Requiem" to see a clip from the movie made about the Bradley -

March 22nd 2008 -Easter weekend
I am not a Pizza nut but Kelly's makes a Pizza that I actually like!
An excellent crust and the toppings are delicious.
The Friday night Sea Food Buffet attracts a large crowd and with the
Family Style Dining, you're guaranteed to end up in a conversation
with at least one other table. You can bet that Pam (one of the owners)
will be out to make sure you're satisfied.
If you have a Motor Home/Camper, there are 15 sites behind the restaurant. Electric
hook-ups and water are provided.  Showers are available as well.

Feb/March, 2008
The "Old Museum" got shut down early because of the tragic fire in Rogers City
so I put it back up for a bit.
Thanks to everyone who supported the Wang Family fund raisers.

January, 2008
Make sure to stop at the "Old Museum" on 2nd St - 1 block past the "red light" -
heading towards the lake.
(It's always been called the "red light" although it does change to green - occasionally).
The proprietor, Norm Karbon, opened the Book Store/Art Gallery in the 70's after the
P.I. County Museum moved to the Bradley House.
It's a neat place where you can;
- Buy books, art supplies, and gifts
- Trade in your old books
- View Norms' art exhibit and purchase his work

When I visited, Norm said he had 1 chair ( I counted 2), and that I was welcome to sit if I wanted.
I guess that's an honor since it seems that the Old Museum is part of the "coffee clutch"
that attracts a regular - I don't know what to say ... "group" doesn't work since there's
only 1 chair - O.K. ...... "clientele" works ..... as long as it's 1 client at a time.
"Coffee clutch" might not be a good description either since I've never seen coffee, but it's
a fun place to visit and chances are, you'll learn about everything that's happening
in Rogers City.

November, 2007
Anyone interested in the history of Rogers City will enjoy reading
the latest publication from the Presque Isle County Museum "The Baby
Boomer's Guide To Rogers City
Gerald Micketti, James Hopp, and Mark Thompson, did an excellent job
of putting words to the pictures of "old" Rogers City.
Urban Renewal (Urban Removal) may have ruined the aesthetics of our
town, but the memories will always exist.
Click HERE for more information.
August, 2007

The Presque Isle District Library has locations in; Grand Lake, Rogers City,
Posen, and Onaway. The only branch I've visited is the Rogers City location
and I can truthfully say that I've never been disappointed by the staff there.
Ask a question and you'll get an answer.
You may not get it immediately - but you'll get it..........

Afraid to use a computer or to go "online"? The Library has beginner level
training classes.
Need help with researching a subject? They have the expertise to get you
headed in the right direction.
Stop in, say hi, and look around - you'll be back.

Click HERE to go to the main page of the PIDL website.

June, 2007
-The Pavilion Grille "Home of the Black Angus Burger" has very good
food and excellent prices. I asked the owner if she changed her
menu very often and the answer was pretty much
"never - why change something that's good"?
The Grille is located at Lakeside park and they do take
orders over the phone. By the time you get there, it's done. Give it a try!
You can get to their menu from our main page - click here
Their telephone # is 989-734-4897.

May 2007
Actually a little before May but, who's counting.
Richard Vogelheim and the crew at the clothing store have been fun
to work with. Great selection of clothing, shoes, boots, etc., and probably
the only place in town where you can rent a Tux.
Got myself a skunk hat while there - will have some fun with it.


April 2007
Main St. Rogers City is growing with the recent addition of The
Domaci Gallery (shown on our main page).
Be sure to stop in and say hello to the owners, Tim and Mary Pritchard,
and welcome them to Main Street.


August 15, 2006
The Darga family was struck by tragedy in Feb, 2006 when a fire demolished the building which housed their business - Big D's Pizza.
Darrin and his wife Milanne felt that Main St. was still the best location for their business - the old one was on Main St. and they wanted the new one there as well.
Fortune smiled on them when a building became available.
Although the building was also a Pizzeria, the Darga family decide to renovate the storefront location to make it fit their theme. Friends and family pitched in to help with the remodeling - some coming from as far away as Arizona.
                                         They Did A Great Job!
Darrin took me on a tour of their new location and, like their other location, everything was spotless and well organized.
At the present time they haven't started baking the breads, cakes, and cookies  Bid D's customers have been accustomed to but Darrin and Milannie hope to resume those activities within the next month.
                                          Welcome back Big D's.
June 21, 2006
Researching the microfiche copies of the Advance at the Presque Isle County Library is a tedious task, especially when one is guessing about the time frame - was it 1850 or 1898?  Fortunately, they were recorded since the fire at the Advance Bldg. pretty well wiped out the paper copies from the early years.

I wanted to know when the Larke Drug Store Building was built so I could put it on the Grulke Hardware Store page. Came close - no Cigar.
Thanks to the great people who work at our Library here in Rogers City! Friendly, courteous and, as always, helpful.