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               OCQUEOC FALLS
Click on the picture to view a youtube video
made by US 23 Heritage Route.




                 - OUTDOORS -
              Presque Isle County has -
           - 86,426 acres of public recreation land
           - 200 acres of wildlife refuges
           - 5,488 acres of State Parks and recreation areas
           - 284 acres of state boating and fishing sites
           - 69 miles of shoreline on Lake Huron
           - 301 miles of streams and rivers
           - 15,504acres natural or artificial lakes and





      | | This link will take you to one of the best Michigan inland lakes fishing sites
      I've found.
Like all good sites, it's constantly changing - so browse around.



      BLACK LAKE   - 10,113 acres - Muskie, Walleye, Pike, Perch, Bass, Pike, Sturgeon, Sunfish

           GRAND LAKE  -  5822 acres - Northern pike, Walleye, Bullhead, Bass,  Perch,  Sunfish, Bluegill

LONG LAKE    -  5341 acres - Perch, Sunfish, Bass, Walleye and more                                  

             LAKE NETTIE -  285 acres - Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Northern Pike, Sunfish, Walleye, Bullheads





   Rogers City hosts seveal fishing tournaments and Presque Isle County has 3 of the best
   harbors on the Sunrise Side. Several varieties of Trout are in the big Lake as well. Great fishing!

 The Harbor Master has a courteous, well trained crew.
The Harbor is within walking distance of downtown Rogers City and after a hard day of fishing,
    it's a short walk to Greka's - the best bar on 1st Street.


  | DNR Link to Rogers City Harbor |


  | DNR Link to Presque Isle Harbor | Presque Isle Harbor is another excellent choice.


  | DNR Link to Hammond Bay Harbor | If you're here to fish Huron, this is a good place to launch.




I was the only one in our  family who got into fishing and I did
it because of a friend we called "Two Heart". He moved here
from Newberry where the Two Hearted River ran - hence the name.
He lived (and unfortunately, died) fishing for trout and he got
me involved hook, line, and sinker. He gave me the hand crank
reel I used (and still have) and I bought
the fly rod.
This was not a fancy outfit but at least my waders were fancy -
blue jeans and tennis shoes.
I really didn't care - I caught trout - thanks to my friend.

                                    2 Heart, this is for you.

      With 300 miles of streams and rivers - pick one, any one. There's a Brook Trout, Rainbow, or
     Steelhead waiting for you. You'll see it come from the side of the bank, and with one majestic
     "swoop" your line goes taught and you're hooked. You won't care what river it is.
     (No, it's not a swish - it's a swoop!)

     The Ocqueoc River has a State boat launch at the mouth of the river but it's more fun to walk
     from the falls area (campground).
     I doubt if he's still there, but something in the Black river snapped my line in 1 second flat.
     Good fishing, but the action is just as good on some of the smaller streams.
     The 36 mile long Canada Creek is designated as a Blue Ribbon trout stream with excellent
     trout fishing. 


 Trout River is within walking distance of Rogers City
 and the pond below the dam is a good place to
 acquaint your kids with the sport of trout fishing.  
 This area is part of the Herman Vogler Conservation
 Area - 270 acres of public land, spectacular
 scenery and an abundance of wildlife.
 The photo on the left shows turtles sunning on a
 log in the springtime. (Behind Dam) 

     If you are a fly fisher, you'll definitely want to visit - | |
     If you're not a fly fisher, visit it anyway - you may become one. While there, read the articles
     by "Ladyfisher" on the left side of the page towards the bottom.  When you get to the bottom
     of the page - click on archives for more stories. Good reading.




  | State link to Hoeft State Park | One of the State's prettiest Parks - just 5 miles from Rogers City

  | State link to Onaway State Park | Fish from the shore at Black Lake at this location

  | State link to Ocqueoc State Campgrounds | Camp on the Ocqueoc river and catch your dinner

  |State link to Tomahawk Creek | 36 Sites - Canoe or fish - First come - first served at this location

  |State link to Tomohawk Lake | 26 Sites - Fishing, hiking, wildlife observing - small boat launch area.

  |State Link to Shoepac Lake Campground | 28 Sites for small trailers/tents



  | U.S. 23 Heritage Route | Visit this website - click on Presque Isle County and work your way around. 
  Scroll down a little and items of interest are described in detail.