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The card on the previous page was probably in use in the 1920's. Clark's Store was owned by William Clark, the Father of one of the 2 men who drowned while deer hunting on Drummond's Island.

The following articles are were copied from documents kept by the daughter of one of two drowning victims.

The articles have been cropped and placed on different pages to facilitate reading and to shorten loading time.
In a few places, the print was difficult to read so those sections were replaced.

remained in Pilot Harbor, the Tramp returning
The members of the various parties had an      
enjoyable week up until the time of the fatal    
accident.  A part of                                        

enburg, patroled just off the beach. It was the
Rambler which first noted the overturned boat
just off the beach and a few minutes later those
on shore came up to it.                                     

Articles appeared in the Detroit Free Press, a Cheboygan paper, the Presque Isle Advance, and probably    
other local papers as well. The local quarry (Calcite Plant) sent one of their tug boats (The Kellers) to help    
in the search and "Life Savers" (now the Coast Guard) were dispatched to aid in the search - hoping the two
men had been washed out to sea and had landed safely elsewhere on the island, another island,                     
  or perhaps, on the mainland.  A reward was offered for the recovery of the bodies but, they were never found.
     I contacted the Sheriff responsible for Drummond's Island to ask if there were any records dating back to that    
 time. Their records didn't go back that far. The Sheriff did say that he would check with some of the old         
 timers the next time he was on the island.